Our Program

In 2015, California experienced the nation’s highest number of reported occurrences of human trafficking, with one-third of trafficked individuals being minors. That same year, three anti-trafficking nonprofits: 3Strands Global Foundation, Love Never Fails, and Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives came together to develop and launch PROTECT, an education program designed to reduce human trafficking and exploitation in communities.

Since the inception of the program, PROTECT has been implemented in six states: California, Utah, Texas, Michigan, Ohio and Georgia.  


The program is managed by the team at 3Strands Global Foundation.

Online Growth Platform

The ThriveCast platform, utilized by PROTECT, is based on decades of research on how people learn, motivation and engagement, and sustaining growth over time, along with technological advances in platform infrastructures. 

Training for School Staff

We train teachers, administrators, counselors, and other school officials on how to spot signs of human trafficking and recognize potential victims in the classroom, whether that be virtual or in-person. Through a trauma-informed approach, we train educators on the physical signs and behaviors that could be indicative of a student facing effects from trauma. We also equip them with the tools and resources needed to report cases of human trafficking and connect potential victims to the proper professionals.


Prevention Education for Students

PROTECT aims to prevent the crime before it starts by equipping elementary-high school students with the knowledge they need to identify abusive tactics and signs of exploitation. They are taught to be upstanders in potentially harmful situations and be empowered to withstand their personal boundaries online and in-person. It is critical that students learn how to PROTECT themselves and each other, and be connected with resources that can help.

Resources for Parents, Guardians, Caregivers, & Communities

We provide parents, guardians, caregivers, and other community members with teaching and guidance on keeping their kids and communities safe and protected from human trafficking. Through in-person sessions, the PROTECT online growth platform, and live webinars, we educate individuals on the signs of human trafficking and the proper ways to prevent the crime from taking place. We also equip parents, guardians, and caregivers with the tools needed to navigate the effects of trauma with their children, as well as manifest healthy, safe space for open conversations.


We currently offer a free online Community Training, including short, digestible videos, on the 3Strands Global Foundation website.


Industry-Tailored Prevention Training

We provide tailored human trafficking prevention training for industry professionals. This includes those in the medical field, telephony, wellness, airline industry, law enforcement, utility maintenance, security, service providers, and more. These unique trainings are customized to mold with the operations of these industry professionals and offer education on signs of human trafficking and the resources needed to help prevent it.


Contact us at if you are interested in working with us to develop an industry-tailored human trafficking prevention training.


Prevention Education Licensing

We work with other nonprofits and for-profit organizations to help implement PROTECT across the globe. We license these agencies to deliver PROTECT training and curriculum. We know that we cannot eradicate human trafficking alone, and our goal is to reach as many individuals as possible. For that reason, we have sought connections domestically and internationally that can aid in the further implementation of PROTECT.

What People Say About PROTECT


—  PROTECTed Educator, Mono County

“As a teacher in a small town, it is easy to believe that issues such as human trafficking simply don't happen in our community. However, after this training, I realize that these problems may be occurring here, despite our sense of security. Moreover, this training has helped me understand the importance of educating our students. Our students need to be able to recognize and avoid potential exploitation...this knowledge will help them throughout their lives.”